3Ways to open door

  • Open with Fingerprint
  • The best choice for modern people, you can take 10 “keys” with you anywhere and anytime. It can solve the problem of forgetting keys.

  • Open with password:
  • It can solve the problem of people whose fingerprint was weird. It is convenient for opening the door in emergence.

  • Open with Mechanical Key:
  • It is the traditional way for the Nostalgic people. It is convenient for opening the door in emergence.

    Core Strengths

  • Advanced fingerprint algorithm, top-TI chip.
  • Stable and reliable lock body and decelerating clutch mechanism, 200000 times no failure testing.
  • Embedded latch in the lock body, highly security.
  • Fingerprint and password classify authority management: 5 fingerprint of administrator, 135 ordinary user fingerprint, 10 Temporary user fingerprint, fingerprint and password for administrator can be free to add, move, clear, convenient management.
  • Low power consumption design:
  • Four alkaline batteries can open door over 5000 times.

  • Low voltage alarming:
  • It will automatically alarm Battery when the voltage lower than 4.5V for remind you change the batteries in time; it still can open the door over 200 times after the alarm remind.

  • After 5 times failure input, it will automatically dormant for 2 minutes, to prevent malicious intrusion.
  • Normally on setting; support setting or cancel normally on function quickly, can convenient used in meeting time or work time as frequently entry and exit occasion.
  • Surface quality: professional electroplating processing, surface hardness can reach 3H, neutral salt spray test can over 120H.