Core Strengths

  • Brightly simple and neat appearance, generous flowing linellae, modern fashion.
  • Stable and reliable American Standard five tongue lock and decelerating clutch mechanism, 200000 times no failure testing.
  • Adopt the most cutting-edge microwave sensor technology, even if placed in a black wallet, card still can verification unlock .
  • Comprehensive and precise security design: 15 kinds different authority function cards can realize classification management.
  • The original square tongue protection design, when the door is not closed the square tongue can’t shot out, it can effectively prevent mechanical impact.
  • Long distance for reading and writing, , more than 2.5CM.
  • Adopt M1 card, highly security, realize multipurpose card(smart card) function conveniently.
  • Low-power consumption design: four alkaline batteries can used in 1 to 2 years normally.
  • Low voltage alarming: It will automatically alarm Battery when the voltage lower than 4.8V for remind you change the batteries in time; it still can open the door over 200 times after the alarm remind.
  • Surface quality: professional electroplating processing, surface hardness can reach 3H, neutral salt spray test can over 120H.
  • Emergency mechanical key : traditional stand-alone mechanical key emergency mechanism , it can guarantee unlock the door in emergency situation.